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11 February 2010 @ 02:00 am
Challenges 9 & 10 : Gwen/D  
If you havent yet please check out the VOTING for last weeks challenges, thanks :)

For the cap challenge this week we have the beautiful Gwen, and we have a rather wide challenge for the theme!

Overall Rules
- Three icons per challenge.
- Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb and 100x100 maximum).
- Do not post icons elsewhere before results are announced.
- No animation.


Challenge Nine | Capture | The beauty of Gwen

Challenge rules
- One of the caps must be used in the icon.
- You may blend the caps.
- You may enter three icons. (They can all be of the same cap if you wish)

(click the thumbnails for bigger versions)


Challenge Ten | Thematic | Letter: D

Challenge rules
- Okay guys this means you can icon anything do to with Doctor Who OR/AND Torchwood as long as its associated with the letter D, for example;;

Characters: Donna, Doctor, Daleks, Davros (all DW)
Episodes: Dead man walking (TW) Doomsday (DW) The Doctors Daughter (DW)
Ideas/Themes This is where you can be really clever. Death, destruction, dimensions, demolition, disaster, dread, dance, drama.

- An award will go to most creative use of the letter D, so bear that in mind!
- Image from Doctor Who or Torchwood, any season.
- Text, brushes, whatever goes! (No animation!)
- You may use any cap/ promo image, but NOT an image of the actor out of costume.
- Advice to find where to find caps would be cap_it or larissa_j if you prefer not to download :]


I hope these challenges get your creative juices flowing ;)


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Any questions, please ask.


P.s take a look @ the mode theme. Serious lolz.
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Oops... thats weird, fixed now.
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just_discoverjust_discover on February 18th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
You do have over 24 hours left, but I understand, thanks for these entries! :) x
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