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23 January 2010 @ 11:25 pm
Challenges 7 & 8 ; The end/Ianto&Ten  
We are re-opening with challenges 7 & 8

Considering what has happened in the final episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood we've decided that these challenges should be two tributes, one for Ten, and one for Ianto!

Overall Rules

- Three icons per challenge.
- Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb and 100x100 maximum).
- Do not post icons elsewhere before results are announced.
- No animation.


Challenge Seven | Capture | End of Ten

Challenge rules
- One of the caps must be used in the icon.
- You may blend the caps.
- You may enter three icons. (They can all be of the same cap if you wish)
- Credit in user info.

(click the thumbnails for bigger versions)


Challenge Eight | Thematic | Character:Ianto

Challenge rules

- For this challenge your icon can be anything as long as it includes the amazing IANTO
- Image from Doctor Who or Torchwood, any season.
- Text, brushes, whatever goes! (No animation!)
- You may use any cap/ promo image, but NOT an image of the actor out of costume.
- You may also use icons that you may have entered for the previous challenge (where Ianto was the theme as well)
- Advice to find where to find caps would be cap_it or larissa_j if you prefer not to download :]


I hope these challenges get your creative juices flowing ;)


Comments are screened. Any questions, please ask.

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