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01 March 2010 @ 11:01 pm
Challenges 13 and 14: Ten's companions/ Quote  
Okay sorry this is late guys.
We will stick to entries in by FRIDAY 5TH MARCH SUNDAY 14TH MARCH buttt if we are low on entries it MIGHT be extended.

For the cap challenge you have a choice of Ten's companions. And for the theme we have a quote challenge

Overall Rules
- Three icons per challenge.
- Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb and 100x100 maximum).
- Do not post icons elsewhere before results are announced.
- No animation.


Challenge Thirteen | Capture | Ten's companions

Challenge rules
- One of the caps must be used in the icon.
- You may blend the caps.
- You may enter three icons. (They can all be of the same cap if you wish)

(click the thumbnails for bigger versions)


Challenge Fourteen | Thematic | Technical: Quote

Challenge rules
- This means that your icon can have a picture from torchwhood or doctor who, whichever but it must feature a quote. This can be said by a character, am actor, even a producer. It doesn't have to have a picture either - it can just be a simple quote icon!
- An award will go best use of text, remember that!
- Image from Doctor Who or Torchwood, any season.
- Text, brushes, whatever goes! (No animation!)
- You may use any cap/ promo image, candid, tennant, piper - whatever goes. It can be stock or no image at all.
- Advice to find where to find caps would be cap_it or larissa_j if you prefer not to download :]


I hope these challenges get your creative juices flowing ;)


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just_discoverjust_discover on March 2nd, 2010 12:51 am (UTC)
Gah. sorry. Think our journal defaults have changed, sorted now though :) Thanks x